who helps mitigate the signs of skin fatigue and revive skin? we do


Suprastim™ biofunctional can help energize and revive skin.  Extracted from camu camu, a superfruit sustainably sourced in Amazonia (Peru), Suprastim™ biofunctional is known as a “superfruit” for its superior vitamin C and antioxidant properties, and is naturally rich in fruit acids, sugars, amino acids, vitamin C and minerals.

A state of fatigue can affect the appearance of face skin in the following ways:

  • bags or dark circles under eyes may appear
  • skin appears dull, dark spots can be visible
  • wrinkles and fine lines can be more visible
  • skin can become more sensitive

New-to-the-world insights from the field of 2D and 3D skin models designed by Ashland experts in tissue engineering, are bringing a fresh view to skin fatigue. The effects of cortisol, a stress marker, have been studied on these 3D skin models.

Benefits of Suprastim™ biofunctional on skin fatigue and cortisol stress include:

  • helps maintain cell energy flows in 2D and 3D models of skin fatigue;
  • helps reduce the visible signs of skin stress that is associated with high cortisol level; and
  • helps mitigate the visible signs of skin fatigue, such as dark rings under the eyes, dark spots, wrinkles and dull skin.


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