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Mother nature offers an endless supply of possibilities at our disposal that allows our imagination to envision and createwithout limitations. The use of botanical extracts has been a key source of ingredients, which are nowadays still used in cross-cutting disciplines such as medicine, cooking, pharmaceutics and cosmetics. Nevertheless,there is still a lot of unexplored botanical territory and a wide botanical biodiversity yet to be uncovered. 

From the need to bring the green beat of nature closer to you, LipoTrue presents its brand-new technology platform, LipoTrue Greenbeat™. A beat sprouting botanical active ingredients with novel efficacies and applications. This technology will encompass a wide range of botanical active ingredients, taking advantage of the Greenology stem cells technology to develop extracts with enriched bioactive compounds.

LipoTrue™ adds LipoTrue Greenbeat™ to its technology platforms which follow the company’s corporate and social responsibility policy to develop active ingredients through a sustainable manufacturing process.

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Sprouting from LipoTrue Greenbeat™ is Silstem-U™, the first green active ingredient from this platform. Silstem-U™ is aimed at contributing to the body positive movement to help you find the shape that improves your self-esteem. Silstem-U™ mimics the action of neurotransmitters, as during cold exposure or exercise, in acting directly on naturally innervated adipose tissue. Silstem-U™ and LipoTrue Greenbeat™ were presented April 22th, 2021 through the platform in-cosmetics Discover

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Taking advantage of in-cosmetics Discover platform, LipoTrue™ also presented, on April 27th, 2021, Col-Frag remastered™, which will open the doors to a new collagen era. If we think of a classic in cosmetics that never fails, it is collagen. Its well-known efficacy has turned it into an essential player in cosmetic formulations.

However, beauty industry requirements are changing. Customers are asking for sustainability, animal friendliness and high-efficacy. We are proud to present a fragment of collagen type I obtained through wild plants as biofactories. A remastered concept of collagen that is able to meet all these requisites.

We invite you to discover an endless supply of possibilities with the launch of LipoTrue Greenbeat™, Silstem-U™ and Col-Frag remastered™.


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