What Will South Korea Offer Next?


Korean skin care trends are significantly breaking through on the global Cosmetic industry. We’ve already seen the BB cream phenomena taking the beauty industry by storm. Since then, Korean women’s skin care secrets have been at the forefront of the market trends.

Of course, with their multi-step skin care routine and their extreme segmentation, innovation is everywhere: textures, devices, claims, ingredients… Some of them will disappear as they come but others will undoubtedly spread on the shelves in no time.

Beyond cushion compact, sleeping pack and first essence, let’s take a look at two skincare items that are already making the buzz in Korea and that will be the next big things all over the world. 

Pressed serum

Weirdest. Texture. Ever. This emulsion is neither a cream nor a gel. And it's certainly not a serum in the traditional sense. It is a super concentrated serum that looks like a gel but which is rich like a cream. The product glides on smoothly, transforming into a velvety and fatty-like texture, and leaves the face feeling supple, but not oily or weighed down. The texture is spongey and gelatinous at the same time. It is used after the serum/ampoule and before the night cream in the Korean evening routine but could perfectly replace both in our always-in-a-hurry way of lives.

A perfect ingredient for a pressed serum is Optim Hyal™. This active ingredient contains Glycokines™, bio-available oligosaccharides that stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis and sustain its turnover. Indeed hyaluronic acid needs to be constantly renewed in order to provide optimal visco-elastic and moisturizing properties. A pressed serum with Optim Hyal™ will leave the skin smooth, moisturised and supple as young skin.

After 1 month of pressed serum

Splash masks

Another Korean import is the face mask. The sheet ones have become a staple in our skincare regimens because of their convenience and ease-of-use. Even more simple and rapid, splash masks are a new mask category condensing a 20 minute mask ritual into 20 seconds. Add to water, splash onto face, pat in for 20 seconds and rinse. Slightly unusual but super impactful, this no-mask mask is a game-changing way to treat skin because it instantly delivers visible results. These include softer, smoother skin and glowing, supple appearance.

Issued from the association of three root extracts selected according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Měiritage™ is a perfect ingredient for such splash masks. Indeed, Měiritage™ has been demonstrated to contribute to lightening complexion, reducing wrinkles, improving hydration and protecting against oxidative stress (UV radiation, air pollution).

Effects of splash masks

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