Skin-ready Natural Extracts for Defense and Healing


Bio Component Research offers natural extracts that are scientifically designed for skin, providing higher absorption and improved results compared to equivalent extracts that have not undergone BioTransformation. Their purified aqueous delivery makes BCR extracts easy to formulate with; almost as easy as adding water to formulas.

For skin cells to absorb typical extracts, a conversion process takes place in order to break down the material. BCR’s BioTransformation technology mimics this natural conversion process to produce extracts that are skin-ready.

The new line offers unique BioTransformed extract blends targeting trending skin needs. Resurgent Power BCR is a powerful blend of survivalist plants, conditioned to withstand the most extreme environments, that will help skin self-regulate against pollution and stress. Youth 360 BCR delivers a synergy of four potent, youth-restoring extracts, providing a boosted 360-degree anti-aging effect.Nutrient-packed Healing Hive BCR provides skin healing and moisturization benefits from rare white honey from Hawaii.



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