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2021 Issues

October 2021

Beauty Ingredient Trends 2021, Part 3 of 3

2021 Hair Care Ingredients

The Hair Wellness Revolution

Hair Care Packaging Launches

2021 Packaging Launches for Beauty & Personal Care

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September 2021

8 Well-aging Skin & Hair Trends

Beauty & Aging Part 1: The Well Aging Revolution is Here

Beauty & Aging Part 2: Top Anti-aging Ingredient Trends

Beauty & Aging Part 3: The Menopausal Beauty Opportunity

Pandemic-Era Beauty Supply Chain Solutions

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July/​August 2021

6 Clean Ingredient Trends

3 Sustainable Packaging Trends

[Waste-free Beauty] Part 1: Sustainability Under Scrutiny

[Waste-free Beauty] Part 2: Sustainable Packaging Strategies

[Waste-free Beauty] Part 3: Sustainable Ingredient & Formulation Advancements

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June 2021

Mindful Color

Survey: Consumers & Beauty Delivery Systems

6 Makeup & Packaging Trends

4 Hair Care Ingredient & Packaging Trends

Hair at Home

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May 2021

Fragrance & Well-being in the New Normal

Optimizing E-commerce for the New Normal

Skin Care: Face & Body 2021

Insider Insights: 3 Fragrance Ingredient Trends for 2021

Sun Care Innovation 2021

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April 2021

Beauty Ingredient Trends 2021, Part 2

Insider Insights: 4 Ingredient trends for 2021

3 Secrets to Building a Powerful Logo

Packaging 2021: Beauty Breakthroughs

Beauty Product Development’s New Normal

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March 2021

Skin Care 2021

Tech-driven Skin Care

Consumers’ Skin Care Ingredient Preferences

Insider Insights: 8 Ingredient Trends for 2021 & Packaging’s New Normal

Beauty Ingredient Trends 2021, Part 1

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February 2021

Beauty Sampling in a Low-touch World

Insider Insights: Sustainable Packaging & Clean Beauty

The Clean & Sustainable Beauty Agenda, 2021

The Skin Care Effect: A Case Study

Glossier’s “Very Human Year”

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January 2021

Who is the Post-COVID-19 Beauty Consumer?

3 Color Cosmetics & Packaging Realities

Beauty x Oral Care: Ready for Disruption

Turnkey & Packaging: Innovating in the New Normal

Conscious Color Has Arrived

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2020 Issues

November 2020

Beauty 2021 & Beyond

Ingredient Trends 2020-2021, Part 2

3 Ways COVID-19 Has Redefined Wellness

Acne: What Consumers Want

In Hand Sanitizer We Trust: Goodbye 2020

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October 2020

Ingredient Trends 2020-2021, Part 1

Acne: 4,000 Consumers Speak Out

4 Greek Beauty Innovators

Sunshine, Freckles and Billions of Dollars: Australian Beauty Analyzed

Hair Health Takes Center Stage

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September 2020

Building a Cult Brand in a Pandemic-stricken Influencer Economy

Luxury Beauty 2020 Brands

9 COVID-19 Marketing Efforts for Your Brand

Packaging for Beauty’s New Normal

Beauty Holiday 2020-2021

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July/​August 2020

Safe is the New Clean

8 Beauty Retail Predictions Post-coronavirus

5 R’s of Generation Silver

Beauty Inside: Ingestibles in a Pandemic

Gen Z Beauty Customers: 5 Turn-ons and 5 Pet Peeves

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June 2020

Is Skin Care the New Hair Care?

7 Color Cosmetic Opportunities Amid COVID-19

Inside the Hand Sanitizer Boom

5 Predictions for Cosmetics Packaging

If We Open, Will they Come?

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May 2020

Sun Care’s Next Chapter

Maintaining the Essence of Jo Malone London

Beauty Gets Personal—Part 2 of 3: Makeup

How Le Labo Scaled Up Without Losing Its Soul

COVID-19: Beauty’s Playbook

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April 2020

The Beauty 2020-2030 Forecast

Creating the Next Generation of Indie Brands

Sustainable Packaging Decoded

Beauty Gets Personal—Part 1 of 3: Skin Care

Claims in the Indie Brand Era

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March 2020

9 New Skin Care Rules

Beauty Ingredients 2020

Product Development in the Indie Brand Era

Insider Insights: Reaching the Ethical Beauty Shopper

Top 10 Beauty Legal Concerns

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February 2020

Envisioning Climate-positive Beauty

Making Sustainability Pay

Where Did Indie Beauty Come From?

Personalization: Decluttering Skin Care

Waste-free Beauty

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January 2020

Ocean-safe Beauty

12 Ingredient Trends for 2020

Suppliers: Moving at the Speed of “Indie”

Sexual Wellness: Beauty’s Next Frontier

Makeup is Down, Not Out

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