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2019 Issues

November 2019

Insider Insights: Beauty 2020 & Beyond

5 Strategies for Accessible Beauty

Sustainable Holistic Protection

Gen Z and the Decline of Experiential Beauty

Beauty Retail 2020

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October 2019

Data Briefing: Consumer CBD Attitudes

Clean & Sustainable Beauty, Body Care, Oral Care Revamp

Active Beauty’s Next Phase

How To Measure “Clean” Beauty

Unlocking System-1-friendly Marketing & Design

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September 2019

Fast, Eco-friendly Hair Care

Consumer Survey: Sustainable Packaging & Ingredients

Insider Insights: Clean Sun, Skin & Beyond

Packaging & Turnkey Innovation for a Changing Beauty Market

Beauty Design IRL

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July/​August 2019

Boundary-breaking Makeup

Sustainability: Does the Consumer Really Care?

8 Mindful Beauty Ingredient Trends

Market-driven Packaging Innovation for Beauty

Beauty Accelerate 2019 First Look

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June 2019

Cannabis in Prestige Beauty

Green/Clean Beauty: What’s in a Name?

Skin Care: When Less is More

3 Ways to Engage Skintellectuals

Ingredients & Ethical Beauty: New Innovation Roundup

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May 2019

The Marie Kondo-ing of Beauty

4 Top Skin Care Drivers

Ungendered Beauty

3 Ways to Capture the Casual Beauty Consumer

High-touch Packaging

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April 2019

Top Clean & Sustainable Beauty Trends

Beauty is How You Feel

Heightening the Senses in Beauty

New Data: Decoding Skin Care Shopping Habits

Top Cosmetic Ingredient Trends, 2019

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March 2019

5 Questions About Blue Light Claims

What Consumers Want from Skin Care

Personalized Beauty: Experience is the Product

How Australia Does Sustainable Beauty

Innovation in a Changing Market

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February 2019

CBD is the New Green

Beauty Cleans Up

Healthy & Ethical Hair Care Innovation

The Waste Disconnect

Water-optimal Beauty

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January 2019

4 Trends to Define 2019

Escape to Comfort

3 Beauty Retail Trends to Watch

The Well-aging Future

6 Makeup Innovation Drivers

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2018 Issues

December 2018

Private label and contract manufacturers

Ingredient suppliers

Packaging suppliers

Special services

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November 2018

Solving the “Natural” Equation

3 Natural & Organic Beauty Opportunities

The Next Wave of Foodie Beauty

Greening Up Beauty

What Did 2018 Mean for Beauty?

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Global Cosmetic Industry October 2018

October 2018

Anti-aging for the Well-aging Generation

How Touch Unlocks Skin Care’s Power

The Future of Aging

How to Optimize Your Beauty Brand for Every Channel

Men Vs. Women: Natural & Organic Beauty

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September 2018

Inside Winky Lux’s Instagrammable Store Experiences

How to Grow Your Brand Without Going Broke

The Surprising Emotional Benefits of Cosmetics

Men’s Grooming Graduates

Green Packaging Drives Differentiation in Beauty

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July/​August 2018

3 Trends Reshaping Makeup

Feminine Care 2.0

Indie Beauty: Retail Savior?

Technology and the Always-on Shopper

Spam Wars & Fake Influence

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June 2018

4 Ways to Expand the Hair Care Regimen

Getting the Gen Z Beauty Consumer Mindset

Top Trends in Facial and Body Skin Care

Are We Using the Wrong Descriptions for Textured Hair Care?

What US Women Want in Lash & Brow Products, By Generation

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May 2018

Fragrance: Thinking Smaller & Smarter

The Dark Side of Influence

How to Build Your Advisory Team

Rethinking Fragrance

3 Packaging Concepts for 2018

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April 2018

Special Report: The State of Beauty, 2018

3 Ways to Shake Up Sun Care

Inside the Indie Acquisitions

The Perfect Brand Name

Special Report: Skin Care & Holistic Living

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March 2018

Customization: the New Beauty Paradigm

The Holy Grail of Textured Hair Care

Luxury and Prestige Packaging, Ingredients and New Actives

Elements of Beauty

2018 World Perfumery Congress: The Future of Fragrance

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February 2018

K-beauty and J-beauty Innovation

Build Your Amazon Beauty Strategy

Value(s): the New Luxury

6 Ways Social Media Builds Beauty Brands

3 Packaging Musts for Digital and Physical Retail

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January 2018

Inclusive Beauty Products

How to Build Your Beauty Dream Team

The iPhone X, iOS 11 and the Future of Beauty

Breakthrough in Eco-friendly Masks

Packaging for Omnichannel Consumers

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