Go green with ICS' sustainable, metal-free pump!

Ics Lead Image 800x450 Recyclable Pump

Introducing our newest ICS sustainable innovation: Our patented, recyclable, metal-free PP pump with convenient twist lock mechanism.

What material is it made from?

Standard pumps contain a metal spring, which means they cannot be recycled. Our metal-free pump is made with 97% PP and a PET gasket and PE piston and valve.

What is it suitable for?

It makes a great option for lotions, serums, body washes, primers and gels, hair, body and skin care products.

Ics Other Graphic Element 800x450 Recyclable Pump

What is its neck size and dosage?

Available in standard 24/410 neck size only, which fits a wide range of plastic and glass bottles. It is designed with a convenient, twist-lock on/off lock function and is available in 0.2cc dosage.

Can it add PCR and second process?

Our PP Pumps can add up to 70% PP PCR in the actuator and collar. The in-mold matte collar and actuator means no matte second process finish is needed.

Visit the ICS website or contact [email protected] for more information on our patented, recyclable, metal free pumps.


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