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Biosil Technologies Inc.

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Biosil is a global supplier of innovative, specialty ingredients. Our ingredients support and enhance the safe and successful creation of personal care products marketed into the modern, dynamic beauty industry. Biosil offers formulation expertise and technical advice with a global commitment to service. We specialize in silicone delivery systems, complex esters and fluoroesters, silanols, peptides, natural actives, and marine cell algal concentrates. Our North American network features Biosil Basics, Exsymol S.A.M. and GELYMA specialties. Biosil is ready and committed to assure your success with substantiated ingredients. We are making personal care beautiful.


For 25 years, Biosil Technologies has been a global supplier of specialty ingredients for skin care, hair care, and color cosmetics. We are excited to partner with you to develop your next unique formulation using any of our Silicone Specialties, Natural Origin Actives, Peptides, Silanols and more!