QUINTIS Forestry Ltd

Level 1, 87 Colin Street
West Perth, Western Australia
Phone:61-8 6458 4700

At Quintis, we are the pioneers of sustainable premium sandalwood.

   We have dedicated the past 20 years to producing and advocating for an ethical supply of Indian Sandalwood to combat the illegal poaching and harvesting of this ancient tree in India, which pushed supply to the brink and landed it on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) vulnerable species list in 1998.

   Establishing the very first sustainable Indian sandalwood plantation in 1999, we now proudly own and manage the largest Indian sandalwood plantation in the world, spanning over 12,000 hectares across northern Australia and home to more than 5.5 million trees.

   Our passionate team, including foresters, agronomists, and chemists, nurture our trees through harvest and into production, and are committed to producing sandalwood in a sustainable and natural way, ensuring this versatile ingredient is available for generations to come.

   As the global leader in the supply of sustainable premium Indian sandalwood and wild harvest Australian sandalwood, we pride ourselves on artfully crafting and distributing high-quality, consistent, and globally-certified raw sandalwood materials to top brands within industries such as fragrance, cosmetic, aromatherapy, incense and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

   Whilst we provide the widest possible range of sandalwood products in the market, we believe that there is

still a huge growth opportunity for sandalwood, and we are committed to showcasing the ways it can improve the future of health and wellbeing. 

   Drawing on over two decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we continue to innovate and improve quality of our heartwood and we are also investing in new research to prove the benefits of sandalwood as a key ingredient for the beauty and wellness industry.

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