Made in Italy: Cosmoprof North America to Showcase the Best of Italian Beauty

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Thanks to the great collaboration with the show organizer and Cosmetica Italia , ITA has secured a stronghold position at the event for the fourth consecutive year. The 'Italian Pavilion', divided into two sections, gathers the best 'Made in Italy' skincare and haircare brands for easy retail discovery. The Italian pavilions will offer something for everyone, appealing to brands, salons, and retailers alike.

This is dedicated to supporting Italian brands to ensure their success at the trade show. This event provides a unique opportunity for Italian companies to forge new business relationships and collaborations, offering the latest in Hair Care, Skin Care & Makeup, and Natural Products to the American market. The Italian exhibitor companies increasingly focus on sustainability, balancing economic outcomes with environmental and social considerations. These traits have given Italy a competitive edge in beauty manufacturing and innovation, as natural and sustainable practices become industry drivers. Additionally, many Italian brands produce on-site, mitigating supply chain issues and focusing on reducing waste in the beauty industry. 

Based in Rome with 70 offices worldwide, the ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion, and training to small and medium-sized Italian businesses. In 2023 with over 960 million euros of cosmetics imported, the United States was the leading destination country for Italian cosmetics. The latest data by Statista showed that exports of the sector reached a total value of about seven billion euros in 2023 (Statista 2024).  

The cosmetics market in Italy is one of the largest for production and consumer use, with Italians consuming over nine billion euros worth of cosmetics in 2020 and over 12 billion euros in 2023. In 2023, facial care and body care were the two leading segments of the cosmetics market in Italy, representing 16.4 percent and 15.3 percent of the cosmetic products consumed in the country, respectively. By contrast, products for men accounted for a mere 1.5 percent of cosmetics consumption.  According to an analysis of product categories conducted by the Cosmetica Italia Study, the personal care association, Italy’s loyal partners are once again showing a strong interest in cosmetics Made in Italy. The United States leads this list with a remarkable 31.8% increase. Significant growth was also observed in the alcohol-based perfume sector, which rose by 36.5% and constitutes the leading product category by both weight and value. This is followed by skincare, the second-largest category. Together, these top two product categories account for more than half of all Italian cosmetics exports, with a total value of €3.6 billion. In terms of growth dynamics, make-up products follow, with a 16% increase, reaching a value of €1.1 billion. The Italian cosmetics industry has reinforced its global reputation by emphasizing and confirming its strong points: investments in innovation, product quality, and the qualifications and training of its human resources. These elements enable the industry to maintain its position and competitive edge in the market.

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