Consumer Product Testing Co

70 New Dutch Lane
Fairfield, NJ 07004-2514
United States

Who We Are

Consumer Product TestingSM Company (CPTSM) is a world-renowned, global leader in the contract laboratory testing of cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals. Since 1975, we have assisted clients with their testing needs from conception to completion.

The services offered include clinical safety and performance claims validation, photobiology, analytical chemistry, microbiology, in-vitro safety and consulting services, complying with GMP/GLP/GCP regulations.

Consumer Prod Image1Key Personnel 

Mel Weiss, Chairman, Board of Directors

Craig Weiss, President

Lon Weiss, Chief Operating Officer

Joy Frank, Executive Vice President

William Neumann, Vice President, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Keith Goins, Ph.D., Director, Microbiology Services

Leslie Eberspeacher, Director Sales

Gy Rinaldi, Account Manager

Joseph Schnitzlein, Account Manager

Major Markets

  • Personal Care/Cosmetic
  • Specialty Chemical
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Pharmaceutical/OTC
  • Medical Devices

Major Services

Sunscreen/Photobiology Testing

  • FDA Final Rule Sunscreen Method
  • FDA Final Rule Broad Spectrum In vitro
  • ISO 24442 24443 and 24444

Clinical Safety and Efficacy Testing

  • HRIPT, 48 hrs, Cumulative Patch Testing
  • Bioinstrumentation: AEVA3D-HE, Visia CR™, PRIMOS 3D™
  • Moisturization/Viscoelasticity/TEWL
  • “Dermatologist/Ophthalmologist Tested” Claims
  • Sensitive Skin (Facial Sting) Studies
  • Acnegenicity/Comedogenicity Studies
  • Safety In-Use & Exaggerated Use Studies
  • Visual & Tactile Expert Grading and odor evaluation
  • Custom Protocol Development to meet your needs

Antiperspirant Testing

In-Vitro Toxicology Safety Testing

Microbiology Testing

  • Microbial Limits, Preservatives, Antibiotics
  • Environmental Monitoring,
  • FDA BAM Chapter 23 – Cosmetic Testing / Import Detentions

Analytical Testing

  • Raw Materials, Validation, Stability
  • Parabens, Elemental Impurities, Phthalates, Gluten Free
  • NDA, ANDA, 510K Product Support

Analytical Testing

  • Raw Materials, Validation, Stability
  • Parabens, Elemental Impurities, Phthalates, Gluten Free
  • NDA, ANDA, 510K Product Support Consulting Services, GMP Audits

Global Capabilities

CPTSM provides testing programs and consulting services for companies on six continents  under FDA/EPA/ISO and other regulatory  guidelines.

Specialized Services

  • AEVA3D-HE with Visio-4D – Cutting edge bioinstrumentation for clinical claims is a high resolution 3D solution, high demanding measurement system for skin topography, face topology and body morphology changes.
  • CPTSM provides a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ testing program, including our regulatory audit team, for multiple international industries utilizing skilled technical personnel performing regulated/ research studies.
  • Consulting services for pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic industries. This includes the creation, assessment or improvement of quality systems; preparation of regulatory filings; vendor and facility audits; and general compliance and regulatory consulting services.
  • New Bioinstrumentation: Eotech AEVA3D-HE with Visio-4D
  • Elemental Impurities Testing per USP <232>, <233>
  • Expanded GC capacity
  • Expanded Heavy Metals capacity
  • CPSC Phthalates and Lead
  • Packaging Services(Testing)
  • Testing Services(Animal Alternatives, Chemical Analysis, Method/Process, Microbiology, Safety/Stability)