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At EMD Electronics- Surface Solutions, we excite our customers with decorative and functional solutions. We provide products that help to create innovative surfaces of all kinds. Our materials enable more beautiful, more resistant, and more effective products. 

Our business has unparalleled global experience in developing innovative and reliable, high-quality raw materials for cosmetics products. In our one-of-a-kind portfolio we combine exceptional ingredients for powerful skin care, personal care cosmetics and color effect applications that outshine their competition.

Also, self-care begins with feeling comfortable in your own skin. From millennials to seniors, consumers look to the personal care and beauty industry to fulfill their desire to have healthy skin, hair, nails, and more. We all want to feel like our best selves, and when we do, it’s often reflected in our appearance through healthy-looking skin and a natural glow. We supply the scientific solutions to fulfill consumers’ well-being wishes through our range of Care Solutions.

 As the industry’s effect expert, we have the largest portfolio of cosmetics pigments based on substrates and coating technologies around. All our pigments are totally safe, feel incredible on the skin and are easy to include in a vast range of products. We have built a reputation of providing the best color and quality stability on the market for a reason. This reliability and variety enables our customers to create innovative products and to define entirely new trends in the sector. It is not just this rainbow of options that’s so stunning though

Years in business:350
Number of employees:64000
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Product Summary:

From cosmetic ingredients to functional fillers and effect pigments, we have everything you need to create and end-to-end beauty experience.With our unbeatable product portfolio of skin care ingredients, personal care cosmetics and decorative application, we help you take your cosmetics to the next level.

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