Neopac the Tube

Burgdorfstrasse 22
Oberdiessbach 3672

The privately owned Swiss tube manufacturer Hoffmann Neopac AG is a worldwide supplier of Polyfoil® tubes for the premium beauty market. The company produces highly decorated tubes with excellent barrier properties to protect your valuable fillings. With an attractive appearance the tubes give the best possible brand presence plus a wide variety of application systems for ease of use. The tubes not only offer a variety of decorative options, but also a wide range of tubes sizes, nozzle tips and standard, threaded or special caps. Neopac manufactures from the smallest sample tubes (1–5ml, Ø10mm and 13.5mm) up to the largest containers holding up to 300ml, Ø of 50mm.

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  • Packaging Components Manufacturer
  • Packaging Components(Boxes, Closures, Dispensing Pumps, Droppers, Roll-on Balls, Tubes [Collapsible])