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Alpha Packaging is a $250 million manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) bottles and jars for the personal care, nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical, automotive & household chemical, and niche food & beverage industries. We also offer high-quality container decorating services through our Technigraph decorating division.

Alpha has seven container manufacturing plants located across North America and one plant in Europe, as well as our Technigraph decorating division. Our 211,000 square-foot headquarters location in St. Louis features in-house tool-making capabilities, where we build everything from unit cavity molds to complete high-cavity production tooling for each of our plants. We also offer in-house package design services on CAD/CAM systems, and serve as an industrial design partner for customers in many industries. Alpha’s Design Center in Cleveland works closely with customers to create the custom packaging they need, using a cost-effective approach that brings your products to market faster.


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Alpha is known as an innovator in the area of sustainable packaging.  We continue to work on next-generation sustainable packaging solutions for our customers, including PET and HDPE bottles incorporating up to

100% post-consumer (recycled) content. We are currently supplying 100% post-consumer PET bottles to several companies in the health and beauty industry.

Our decorating services also focus on the needs of the health and beauty market, making sure that screen printing is registered correctly and labels are applied perfectly. Alpha’s Technigraph division offers high-speed, multi-pass screen printing, pressure-sensitive labeling and pad printing to decorate plastic bottles and jars. We also offer the Eco-Frost environmentally-friendly spray frosting on plastic containers


Complete package design services, from the initial concept to the finished, decorated bottle. Free samples of stock items are available at

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