Eco-Frost Spray Frost is Sophisticated and Sustainable


Do you think your brand has to sacrifice consumer appeal just to meet its sustainable packaging goals? By choosing recyclable plastic packaging combined with environmentally friendly Eco-Frost Spray Frost from Technigraph, you can elevate your brand and still be good to the Earth.

Eco-Frost Spray Frost offers many options to differentiate your brand with a premium look. Choose from clear or colored frosts, or translucent or opaque tints. Eco-Frost can easily be combined with our environmentally friendly UV screen printing of up to six colors. These processes can be used on plastic bottles, jars or closures. Need a source for your bottles? Technigraph now has on-site blow molding or we can provide turnkey sourcing for your components.

Other proprietary, environmentally friendly processes can also be combined with Eco-Frost, such as super silver, textured inks and glow-in-the-dark inks. And the attractive frost effect can help disguise the slight discoloration common with 100% post-consumer PET bottles and jars.

Visit our web site and tell us you’d like to learn more about Eco-Frost.


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