Lignopure GmbH

Harburger Schlossstrasse 6–12
Hamburg 21079

Green innovation Made in Germany

We at Lignopure are passionate and committed to offer sustainable upcycled solutions for the cosmetic industry. Our expertise relies in delivering high quality lignin-based ingredients with multifunctional properties for different cosmetic applications. This is possible thanks to Lignopure’s patented particle technology, which fully utilizes lignin, the organic polymer that gives plants their sturdiness and transfers its natural protective properties to enhance multiple beauty products.

Sustainability is key for our business. Our portfolio consists in ingredients from natural and clean non-food competitive raw materials that have been produced ethically with high quality standards. Our team and production plant sit in Germany, were we work closely with our suppliers and innovative production processes to make sure that all our ingredients are safe, reliable, and functional.

The launch of our LignoBaseTM, a ready-to-use ingredient line from renewable vegetal sources that besides being good for the environment, boosts key protective elements of multiple cosmetic products. LignoBaseTM also simplifies the skin tone formulation process due to its natural brown hue while giving a smooth finish on skin.

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Major Markets:

  • Clean beauty
  • Natural products
  • Vegan products
  • Skin Care
  • Sun Care
  • Color cosmetics
  • Sustainable beauty

Key Personnel

Joana Gil Chavez – CEO

Wienke Reynolds – CTO

Daniela Arango Ospina – CPO

Gabriela Meza Armenta – Sales & Marketing

Juliana Carrizosa Landazabal – Product Development

  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Balancing-soothing, Color Cosmetics, Colorant, Skin/Body, Specialized, Sun Care)