Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients launches brand accelerator Beauty Activations

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Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients North America is delighted to launch a brand accelerator initiative called Beauty Activations—powered by Symrise. The Beauty Activations team strategically partners with beauty brands to activate and elevate their innovation, including in-depth marketing intel and custom formulations powered by an award-winning portfolio of ingredients.

Beauty Activations ultimately enhances your innovation pipeline with brand-tailored products that are developed from ideation to creation to support long-term success. We engage you from the beginning with our speed to market approach and experience in custom concept development, market analysis and technical expertise that is proven to elevate your product development approach with market ready solutions. 

As one of world’s Top 10 most sustainable companies, Symrise propels beauty brands to the next level with a comprehensive cosmetic ingredients portfolio comprised of clean, conscious, modern and sustainable solutions. 

HERO INGREDIENTS: Innovative actives to activate your brand’s innovation

  • Clean, sustainable, conscious and eco-friendly solutions
  • Proven, high-performing portfolio of actives to active your brand development
  • Next generation, modern preservation solutions 

SPEED TO MARKET: Activated services to empower your next launch

  • Accelerated formulation and development of market-ready solutions
  • Reducing complexity by optimizing the product development cycle
  • Confidentiality in partnerships 

MARKETING AND TREND EXPERTISE: In-depth category and trend intelligence

  • Custom concept development
  • Market, brand and category analysis
  • Current and prospective trend explorations 

As a recognized global leader in the personal care space, Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients has an unparalleled global network of expertise, including formulation labs around the world, 360 marketing resources, consumer insights and technical expertise to drive innovation. 

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