Vantage® is proud to showcase its new Effortless Color Collection

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According to a 2022 survey conducted by Mintel, 69% of women in the United States who use makeup are interested in multi-functional products. Keeping that in mind, we created formulations that are designed to celebrate a diverse range of beauty with easy-to-use multifunctional pieces.

Our versatile face products include the Fresh Canvas Multi-Use Concealer that can be used as a spot treatment to hide blemishes or as a full-coverage foundation, the Tinted Zinc Shield which is a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF-30 and the Hydrating Tinted Face Oil that upon application leaves a buildable natural finish.

Blushes are the perfect way to add color and create an easy, cohesive makeup look. Our Color Sculpt Trio is an easy-to-use stick formula that glides on smooth for quick application. The All-Over Glow Blusher is a two-in-one liquid blush that can be used to brighten cheeks and eyes.

Rounding out the collection are three uniquely formulated lip products that each provide a different finish and benefit. The Hydrating Satin Lipstick is a rich, creamy lipstick made with hydrating ingredients such as BP-TRILURONIC® ACID A and DW JOJOBA GOLDEN and the Dreamy Velvet Lip is a bold, matte liquid lipstick featuring SUNSIL-SILK, leaving a smooth lush lip. Lastly the Plush Fruity Gloss provides a glassy shine leaving the lips feeling full and plump thanks to our INSTAPLUMP® technology.

The formulations in this collection feature many of our high performing ingredients, from actives like the BP TRILURONIC ACID A, and the STRATAPHIX series, to natural oils, such as LIPOVOL® GTB and DW JOJOBA OIL and natural silicone alternatives from our JEECHEM® NDA line.

To learn more about the collection, visit https://www.vantagegrp.com/News/2023-0912-VPC-Rise-of-Multifunctional-Makeup?utm_source=gci&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=effortlesscolor


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