5 Macro Ingredient Trends of the 2020s

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Trends in functional ingredients follow different timescales than story-making ingredients like fragrances and actives. Functionals make up the base of the formula and often comprise formulation chassis which may be used for many years. While a brand changes fragrance, actives, packaging, and even claims frequently, functional ingredients are designed to last.

INOLEX brings you five macro trends of this decade; long-term sweeping changes that will affect most, if not all formulations. 

Inolex Gci 02 07 22 Image 11. Silicones Continue to Exit

Silicone-free claims are still rising in all BPC segments, totaling a 446% increase over 10 years. Driving factors of this trend include:

  • EU bans on Cyclomethicones
  • Consumer distaste for silicones
  • Negative environmental impact of silicones

2. Biodegradation Emerges as Key Environmental Concern

Using biodegradable ingredients is a sustainability goal for many beauty companies and consumers are gravitating towards this claim, as well. They are aware of the harm of microplastics and the push for biodegradability has already arrived for textiles, packaging, and disposable products.

3. Vegan Beauty Piggybacks on Food Trends

Plant-based claims resonate with more consumers than just strict vegans. Consumers are considering vegan products for three key reasons: animal rights, climate change, and health and wellness.

4. Preservation Continues to Transform

Clean at Sephora and Credo both restrict preservation options, including limiting phenoxyethanol and banning traditional preservatives. Increasingly, alternative preservation methods are employed.

Driving factors of this trend:

  • Concern for microbiome safety
  • Left-over concern from paraben-free trend
  • Distrust of harsh traditional preservatives

5. Low Waste & Low Impact with Innovative Formats

Consumers are embracing real change. Sustainability and user experience are upgraded with fun new formats and innovative solid products. New formats can reduce water and packaging, use reusable outer packaging, include recycled or recyclable materials, and include biodegradable ingredients and packaging.

For more detail, and to explore our low waste trends kit, visit https://inolex.com/learn/beautyfood/5-macro-trends-of-the-2020s


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