AlgaPūr™ high stability high oleic algae oil multi-beneficial for skin, hair and scalp

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Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) Beauty’s AlgaPūr high stability, high oleic (HSHO) algae oil has been found to have additional benefits for hair and skin.

AlgaPūr HSHO algae oil contains more than 90% of beneficial Omega-9 (oleic acid in the form of triglycerides) in a highly stable, liquid-based formula. New testing by LLS Beauty shows that it: 

  • Nourishes the hair follicle.
  • Protects against hair fiber lipid degradation upon UV exposure, with antioxidant properties.
  • Protects colored hair fibers.
  • Supports the scalp microbiome. 

These are in addition to the benefits shown by initial testing, which found that AlgaPūr HSHO algae oil protects hair fibers from breakage, repairs split ends, provides shine, controls frizz, improves manageability, moisturizes the scalp and smooths hair. 

The benefits of AlgaPūr HSHO algae oil are not limited to the hair and scalp, however; it also helps the skin. 

The ingredient promotes healthy skin through increased moisturization, skin barrier protection, photodamage repair and improved skin barrier protection. Tests show it improves skin hydration 15% within 24 hours of application, decreases transepidermal water loss by 28% over 24 hours and improves elastin synthesis by 82%, among other benefits. 

Its light, non-oily texture makes AlgaPūr HSHO algae oil ideal for hair care, hair color and scalp formulations and skin care. 

This multifunctional ingredient is derived from microalgae originally sourced from chestnut tree sap with a high sustainability profile. It is vegan and is produced through a fermentation process with a low carbon and water use footprint. It requires little land use and is readily biodegradable. 

To learn more about AlgaPūr HSHO algae oil, visit www.lubrizol.com/beauty


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