SS Phytosterol Blend – natural derived ester, plant phytosterol blend

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When consumers search for a beauty product today, self-care and wellness are top priorities. In the most recent Mintel customer survey, data shows that moisturization and anti-aging are still key benefits consumers want from their skin care routine. We expect these claims to continue to dominate the skin care market.

Sandream Specialties has recently launched a unique naturally-derived emollient called SS Phytosterol Blend to address these consumer needs. SS Phytosterol Blend provides a healthy skin glow and moisturization. It offers great sensory aspects in terms of creaminess, non-greasiness and spreadability.

Study 1:

Recently, we conducted a series of preliminary studies to examine the affect of SS Phytosterol Blend on skin moisture retention and transepidermal water loss.

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Study 2:

Sandream recently conducted a study to determine the sensory characteristics of SS Phytosterol Blend in comparison to other commonly used emollients.

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Comparing to Castor Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (CTG), and Natural Octyldodecyl Oleate (NOO), SS Phytosterol Blend:

  • Scores the highest in creaminess.
  • Has the least greasy afterfeel.
  • Has great spreadability.

"Phytosterols are known to mimic the molecular structure of cholesterol and when used in topical creams and lotions can help replenish the epidermal membranes. The benefits of phytosterols combined with the lubricious and skin softening attributes of the natural octyldodecyl oleate result in an advantageous compound. Compatible with lipid friendly emollients and many other commonly used cosmetic raw materials, this product is versatile and stable in many systems, " said Kimberly Kern, director of R&D at Sandream Specialties.

To learn more about how SS Phytosterol Blend can add unique moisturizing and protective benefits to your skincare products, please get in touch with Sophia Chen, marketing strategist or Kimberly Kern, director of R&D.

Visit our website: sandreamspecialties.com/products/ss-phytosterol-blend/


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