MitoClean – Coconut Water for Healthier Skin


MitoClean is a simple and powerful ingredient that ensures the delivery of the micro and macronutrients required to stimulate mitochondrial detoxification in the skin, due to its phytochemical richness.  It takes into account the importance of the mitochondrial detoxification process, which influences cell viability, maintenance and functionality of skin structures, as well as the lower probability of topical reactivity to chemicals. MitoClean is composed of vectorized coconut water powder, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the correct performance of the detoxification process in the skin.

  • Stimulates the mitochondrial detoxification of skin cells by 66%, ensuring cell viability and vitality
  • Two times more potent than vitamin E against mitochondrial radicals generated during the detox process
  • 51% more energy to skin cells, which stimulates the process of cellular detoxification
  • 25% increase in the skin natural antioxidant defense system


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