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Omyaskin®, from Swiss company Omya, is a newly launched enhanced calcium carbonate. As a leading global supplier, Omya has more than 130 years of expertise in processing tailor-made calcium carbonate particles for various applications. Thanks to a sophisticated and patented technique, a new mineral composition composed of calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite has been created, resulting in particles with high porosity and large surface areas that provide a multitude of benefits for cosmetic applications. The external surface forms a lamellar structure, while the core consists of an internal network of interconnected pores. These qualities enable Omyaskin® to improve the effectiveness of end products and additionally ease the production process.

One Ingredient for Several Options

By influencing particle composition, special characteristics that are already indicative of calcium carbonate are enhanced. Thanks to its highly porous surface, Omyaskin® offers a higher oil absorption while maintaining a silky touch. Compared to talc, tapioca starch and kaolin, Omyaskin® 100-OG particles can absorb four times more oil and provide enhanced thickening properties due to this water holding capacity.

In practice, this allows for cosmetic applications to feel less greasy on the skin, while maintaining skin hydration. In facial care products, Omyaskin® acts as an efficient mattifying agent, absorbing sebum and reducing drying time. These properties have been scientifically proven in an in vivo test where, after applying a facial cream with 5% Omyaskin® 100-OG once a day for a 28-day period, sebum was reduced by almost one-third of the participants.

Moreover, Omyaskin® provides a softer skin feel, and when it is incorporated into creamy products, users benefit from better spreadability because it improves the smoothness of the overall texture.

Omyaskin® also provides superior white pigment quality, which supports the coverage of color cosmetics while simultaneously giving a matte finish. Just 10% Omyaskin® 100-OG will optimize coverage by up to 42%. For applications providing high opacity, the mineral is an ideal replacement for TiO2. A formulation based on 5% Omyaskin® without TiO2 provides similar coverage to a foundation containing only TiO2. However, Omyaskin® can also be combined with TiO2 for higher performance in terms of coverage. This makes the ingredient ideal for use in color cosmetic applications such as foundations, lipsticks and BB/CC/DD creams. Even compact powder applications can be enhanced, as Omyaskin® has compressibility comparable to kaolin, magnesium carbonate and talc.

A Sustainable Solution

For manufacturers, these advanced minerals with natural origins offer a multitude of options for brand positioning. Consumer interest in natural beauty and personal care ingredients shows no signs of abating, but at the same time, just being “natural” is no longer enough. Products also have to coincide with safety, performance and sustainability standards. Omyaskin® does not pose any risks from topical use and with its high purity, the mineral complies with strict regulatory and quality standards. In all of these respects, Omyaskin® excels, while at the same time offering manufacturers an easy to process and cost-effective ingredient.  


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