Beyond Genetics – New Therapeutic Approach to Healthy Aging of The Skin


Agen reduces the signs of skin aging through the regulation of miRNA (micro-RNAs).  Agen is composed of a synergistic blend of apple extract (Malus domestica) and supercritical ginger extract (Zingiber officinale), natural nutritional components known to improve health and aging.


  • Regulation of 5 miRNA by epigenetic routes, to reduce and decelerate the appearance of signs of aging. Upregulating Collagen Type I and IV, Fibronectin, Decorin, Fibulin-5, Fibrillin -1, EGF.
  • Significant improvement in skin firmness and elasticity after 14 days
  • Redensification of the dermis by 29% (1/3 more extracellular matrix) and improvement of epidermal thickness by 40% after 60 days
  • Significant improvement in skin tone uniformity
  • Wrinkle reduction up to 31%
  • Improved skin resistance, integrity and regeneration
  • Stimulation of cell renewal and differentiation providing a younger and healthier skin.



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