A “hippie chic” patchouli extract for healthy look and feel


 Cb2-skin™, a “hippie chic” patchouli extract with skin calming, soothing and well-being.


Cb2-skin™ biofunctional, from Ashland’s Vincience laboratories in France, is a unique and patented patchouli leaf extract and an alternative to cannabis derivatives such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oil or hemp oil for skin calming, soothing and graceful aging.  As an alternative to controversial cannabis derivatives, Ashland’s Cb2-skin™ biofunctional provides superior benefits in modulating the skin’s CB2 cannabinoid receptor compared to hemp oil.

The patchouli finds its roots in Asia, and has been traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Korean dishes and in Ayurveda. Key icon of the 70’s and the flower power generation, it was used to cover the smell of marijuana. Cb2-skin is a perfect ingredient to capture the “hippie chic” movement associated with beauty and luxury.


Derived from premium patchouli sourced from a fully integrated and sustainable farm in Columbia, Cb2-skin™ biofunctional offers consumers skin calming, increased skin comfort and reduced irritation and itchiness.  It’s perfect for sensitive skin applications, for beauty products that feature beauty rituals to help disconnect from daily stress, as well as in hair care products for scalp itchiness. 

Cb2-skin™ biofunctional key benefits:

  • increased CB2 skin receptor activation associated with a better skin balance
  • reduced stress-induced IL1 R1 associated with skin soothing benefits
  • reduced stress-induced TRPV1 associated with skin calming benefits
  • increased barrier function and dermal self-regeneration associated with age-defying benefits
  • increased beta-endorphin associated with a perception of skin comfort and well-being
  • immediate decrease in the perception of skin discomfort after stress
  • provides skin with a healthy look and feel


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