A new source of inspiration for rejuvenating skins


Long non-coding RNAs have never been targeted by active ingredients to fight the signs of aging. Until now.

Epseama™, a newly developed active from Clariant Active Ingredient, stimulates the expression of nc886, a long non-coding RNA whose levels of expression have been demonstrated to dramatically decrease in the skin after the age of 40. For its innovative mode of action, Epseama was granted the silver price at the BSB Innovation Awards during in-cosmetics 2019.

By boosting production of key collagens, Epseama reinforces skin structure that recovers its resistance, resilience and elasticity. This multi-functional active ingredient targets simultaneously wrinkles, pigmented spots and lack of hydration of mature skins for a rejuvenated look.

Epseama can be used in a large variety of formulations for well-aging products, such as the silky-textured day cream Sc[ai]turalist™ – Seamless Rejuvenating Cream, that can be used as a source of inspiration for formulators.


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