Exploring Clean + Green elements for Sustainable Beauty


Symrise’s Hydrolite® 5 green (pentylene glycol) captures all of these aspects of sustainability for your formulation needs.



  • GREEN CHEMISTRY is an area of chemistry designed to minimize or eliminate the use and creation of unsafe materials. Emerging brands are embodying green chemistry in their brand stories. Hydrolite® 5 green utilizes green chemistry for eco-friendly processing resulting in 100% bio-based carbon with a lower carbon footprint than the original Hydrolite® 5.


  • UP-CYCLING is the process of elevating waste materials to create products of better quality and value. Hydrolite® 5 green is created by up-cycling the by-product of sugar cane production, bagasse, to create a sustainable, versatile ingredient for personal care formulations



  • LEADING LABELS Consumers are becoming more educated about what their products contain, many are aligning their lifestyle with their beauty regimen by seeking products that claim to be clean, green and more sustainable. Hydrolite® 5 green is vegan, gluten free, Kosher, Halal, COSMOs, non-GMO and has the highest rating of 1 on EWG’s Good Guide.


  • BIODEGRADABLE describes an item that breaks down without causing harm to the environment. Hydrolite® 5 green is readily biodegradable.



  • TRANSPARENCY In the age of the empowered customer, consumers are seeking transparency in every aspect of their product. Symrise has full traceability on where and how the sugar cane is grown to final processing of Hydrolite® 5 green.


  • PURPOSEFUL PRACTICES Fair labor practices extend beyond the field to supporting the farmer’s families, local community and overall well-being.Symrise partners with suppliers who engage in environmental, educational and social initiatives to support the families of the sugar cane producers.


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BENEFITS OF Hydrolite® 5 green

    • Enhances antioxidant activity
    • Improves the self-tanning performance of DHA


    • Boosts skin hydration
    • After 4 hours, +10% hydration with 3% Hydrolite® 5 greenversus placebo


    • Solubilizing effect for transparent formulas
    • Improves shine, skin feel
    • Hydrolite® 5 greenvs placebo:
      • Improves color intensity of foundations
      • Dispersion of pigments is more homogenous
      • Mattifying effect


    • Increases the content of smaller particles, leading to higher emulsion stability
    • Co-emulsifying properties work to stabilize formula
    • Reduces the particle size of emulsions




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