Responsible Hair Care with Polyurethane film formers


Film forming polymers are must-have ingredients in hair styling products, providing both hold and manageability. They are used in large amount and are essential ingredients to look at when formulating hair care products.


Biodegradable hair care formula with Baycusan® C 1001

Hair styling products are rinsed after use and their ingredients, including polymers, enter the household wastewater stream. From there, they may land in surface water. Their biodegradability profile is therefore a crucial property to consider when formulating the next generation of hair care products. Baycusan® C 1001 (INCI: Polyurethane-34) can be qualified as non-persistent (OECD 302) and as readily biodegradable (OECD 301). Therefore, it sets a new benchmark for synthetic hair fixative agents, which are so far in the large majority not able to biodegrade well and may present a risk of persistency in the environment. Baycusan® C 1001 forms a uniform and flexible film that feels soft and presents all required styling properties such as flexible hold, curl definition and humidity protection.


Natural hair care formula with Baycusan® eco E 1000

Another way to improve the sustainability of hair care formulation can be to increase the natural content of ingredients while maintaining required performance. Providing an excellent hold and hair manageability, the new naturally-derived Baycusan® eco E 1000 solves this challenge and enables formulation of natural hair styling products with low tack and low flakes. Containing over 50% of carbon from plant biomass, the new bio-based film former Baycusan® eco E 1000 (INCI: Polyurethane-93) fulfills the definition of a derived natural ingredient according to the ISO 16128-1 norm.


Formulating smart hair care products with less impact to the environment now becomes possible by using biodegradable and bio-based film forming ingredients that reduce the environmental impact of the final product.

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