Revinage®: an effective, scientifically proven retinol-like active


The cosmeceutical market is in fierce pursuit of highly effective solutions, especially those which prioritize retinoids. Despite excellent results, the adverse effects of retinoids are just as apparent. Many patients develop dermatitis during treatment, leaving them to abandon such products altogether. Retinol alternatives could be a safer way to counter this challenge faced by doctors and patients. However, few guarantee their effects on binding to the nuclear receptors, known as RARs (retinoid acid receptors) and RXRs (retinoid X receptors). 

Revinage® is a safe and effective natural retinol alternative, which regulates cell proliferation and differentiation for a skin rejuvenation. This plant origin ingredient stimulates collagen, offering high-performance for firmness, signs of aging and wrinkles treatments, as well as anti-inflammatory and calming effects, taking care of the skin without irritation. Revinage® is scientifically proven and suitable for night and day use, attending natural cosmetics claims.


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