B-Lightyl™, the universal dark spots eraser

A treasure from the sea

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils B-Lightyl™, the first gentle and powerful universal dark spot eraser crafted by Marine Biotechnology. Created from Himanthalia elongata, a brown macro-alga naturally sourced in Brittany, France, B-Lightyl™ is a natural ingredient addressing hyperpigmentation disorders in a preventive and curative way.

Let’s dive into Brittany and Givaudan Active Beauty Centre of Excellence in Marine Biotechnology to learn more about B-Lightyl™ and meet all the people who made it possible:

The “Goemoniers”

Equipped with a billhook, these sea experts do not hesitate to get wet to harvest the algae growing on the pink granite coast in Brittany. Submerged to the waist, they hurry to cut the long stems (nearly 2 meters) of Himanthalia elongata before the tide rises. Perilous but necessary jobs since these macro-algae only live two years. Algae are then brought to the Active Beauty Centre of Excellence of Île Grande (Brittany).

The scientistsThe scientists

The R&D team is in charge of transforming the macro-algae into a powerful active ingredient. It uses the power of sunlight and captures atmospheric CO2 to produce its key constituents: Marine polyphenols, and more specifically phlorotannins. We discovered that these powerful marine molecules can reactivate the expression of SDF-1, a key target in hyperpigmentation disorders. It makes this alga, one of the most sustainable resources to develop a cosmetic ingredient able to gain control of the skin pigmentation process.

The trials

Once the asset is created, it is the turn of the clinical tests to be conducted. Hyperpigmentation problems affect all skin complexions. It was therefore essential for the Active Beauty teams to conduct tests on Asian, African and Caucasian panels. To evaluate the benefits of B-Lightyl ™ against dark spots and pigmentation disorders, three clinical trials were conducted in double blind versus placebo, on more than 100 volunteers of different ethnic skin types.

  • A significant decrease in the melanin content in the brown spots of Caucasian volunteers (-103% vs. placebo)
  • A significant reduction in the number of visible spots on Asian skin (-156% in one month)
  • A significant drop in the melanin content in brown spots (-327% in 2 months) on African skin.
The formulators

To inspire the beauty industry, B-Lightyl ™ has been formulated in an essence, S3D® Oceanist. This luxurious formula combines B-Lightyl ™ with a radiance booster, Eutectys ™ Sea Fennel and a hydrating water rich in marine minerals from Brittany (Eau de source marine).

Its “fat water” texture (a 2020 new skin care trend) gives the product a consistency between the essence and the serum, and its delicate smell makes S3D® Oceanist the perfect beauty product to smooth the skin, erase dark spots and even out complexion.

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