MatriGold®: Re-engineering the Future of Anti-aging


Imagine if you could travel back in time and re-engineer the future of anti-aging skin care

In 1999, the French Professor Maquart and his team published their first article mentioning “matrikines,” a small molecule and a peptide, which played an important role in the wound healing process and connective tissue remodeling. 

Since then, palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 has become one of the most loved peptides in the cosmetic market with proven demand. At Infinitec, we fused this powerful peptide with the protective luxury of one of our cutting-edge delivery systems, our gold particles, to create a superior cosmetic ingredient, MatriGold®

MatriGold® has shown to dramatically boost Col IV synthesis by 130%, re-enforcing the too-often forgotten dermis-epidermal junction and fighting the first sign of aging, fine lines. 

MatriGold® provided the highest performance and efficacy at only 0.3% because of its enhanced skin penetration, as well as double stability to enzymatic degradation compared to the free peptide. 

After four weeks of treatment with 0.3% MatriGold®, participants reported that their eye contour looked smoother and plumped out, with the number and length of wrinkles reduced by 30%. When the treatment was prolonged to eight weeks, the length and surface of the wrinkles were improved by 50%. 

Key benefits:

  • Premium concept: A new premium beauty approach embracing high-tech and innovation to serve the evolving expectations of luxury consumers.
  • Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, the most loved peptide in cosmetics protected and delivered by a luxury gold shield.
  • High extracellular matrix protein synthesis mainly focused to reinforce the epidermal-dermal junction
  • China compliant


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