How is CSR integrated into your company?

In line with Croda’s purpose ʺSmart science to improve lives,” all employees are involved in this process. From paper management to the use of green solvents and/or excipients, to well-being at work, everyone contributes to Croda's goal of being climate, land and people positive by 2030.


What actions have you put in place with your partners?

Our goal is to share our values with all our partners and to establish responsible business relationships with them based on trust. By sharing our code of conduct and signing a letter of commitment, we establish best practice exchanges with them accordingly to the seven principles of the ISO 26000 standard. 

What green production technologies do you use?

Sederma has developed several green technologies including plant cell culture (PCC), which allows to produce active ingredients from a unique plant sampling. This eco-socio-design process makes it possible, among other things, to drastically reduce water consumption, avoid pesticide and other pollutant contamination and free up the soil for other crops, while ensuring reproducibility of production. We also use microorganism fermentation techniques and supercritical CO2 plant extraction. Part of our watch is devoted to technological innovations aimed at reducing any harmful impact. 

What are the benefits for your customers and the consumers?

Our customers are assured of the optimum quality, traceability and transparency of our products. They buy a package. For the consumer, the benefit lies in the effects of the product but also in the guarantee of an ethical origin, without any impact on the environment. 

What standards do you rely on?

We consider many standards. Among them, we use the ERI360 tool to assess the social and environmental performance of our ingredients. Within the France Éco extraction association, Sederma and Crodarom have joined forces with 13 French companies of the cosmetic industry to create this dedicated tool. Through a 360 ° analysis grid, the entire production chain, from supply chains and processes to finished products are assessed. Our PCC process has achieved an estimable score of 44 out of 50. Five of our ingredients have achieved the silver label. 

What about your UEBT membership?

We also became a member of the UEBT last year. This association supports the ethical sourcing of natural raw materials. We are thus clearly demonstrating our ambition to be an essential supplier of cosmetic solutions and ingredients for which we control the traceability of the natural origin raw materials.


To  know more and discover our eco-socio-designed products visit our Be ACTIVEly Committed page



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