Variety – More than the Spice of Life

Schuelke, Inc

How boring would life be if there were no choices? Everyone would live in the same house; wear the same clothes. Eating the same food day-after-day is not only boring, but unhealthy as well. Variety in our diets is the best way to get the nutrients that our bodies need for optimum health. Diversity in the human population helps minimize the occurrence of genetic abnormalities. Diversity in the workplace promotes new ideas and a more productive environment.

Variety also benefits cosmetic formulation. Having the option to choose from a wide array of raw materials allows the formulation of a wider variety of product types and the potential for additional sales. Having a variety of different preservatives to choose from can help prevent adaptation of microorganisms or “house-bugs”.

Microorganisms are very adaptable. Preservatives do not make cosmetic products sterile. There are always a small number of organisms that survive. Our job as formulators is to use an appropriate preservative at an adequate level to reduce the microbial load in the product to acceptable, safe levels. This means that only the microorganisms strong enough to survive that level of preservative remain in the product and often in our manufacturing equipment. If the same preservative is used in all products, the organisms that are resistant to that preservative are able to thrive and multiply. However, the microorganisms that can affect cosmetic products typically can only develop resistance to one preservative mechanism at a time. The use of a diversity of preservatives, with different modes of action, can help prevent this adaptation and the resulting contamination.

schülke has known the benefits of diversity since 1924, when we first started offering preservative blends to the industrial market. Our extensive research and development efforts consider not only individual preservatives and microbiological stabilizers, but the optimal blends of these materials to preserve almost any personal care formulation. Optimizing these blends requires different chemistries, with different modes of action, resulting in broad spectrum preservation and reducing the chance of microbiological adaptation.

The schülke line of products offers you choices. The euxyl® line of preservative blends contains traditional preservatives (euxyl® K 100, euxyl® K 300), as well as “soft” preservative (euxyl® K 700, euxyl® K 701, euxyl® K 712, euxyl® K 903). Our euxyl® PE 9010 and euxyl® K 900 blend traditional, soft preservatives and the preservative booster, ethylhexylglycerin, in patented, easy-to-use systems that are perfect for many product types.

Our recent focus is on non-traditional materials that can protect formulations from microbial growth. The sensiva® line contains combinations of emollients (sensiva® SC 10), nature-identical fragrance components (sensiva® PA 30) and gentle synthetics (sensiva® PA 40) that can maintain the microbiological integrity of a product as effectively as more traditional preservative systems.

Having a variety of choices is not only much more interesting, it can also be an important factor in choosing the best preservation system for your product. We give you many options, but really there is just one choice… schülke.


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