JD Lusteris™: Bridging Nature and Science for Sensorial Excellence

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JD LusterisTM: Bridging Nature and Science for Sensorial Excellence

A sustainable, naturally derived alternative to silicones. Unmatched in efficacy and sensorial experience, it's the future of clean, green cosmetics.

When it comes to cosmetics, the challenge is clear: How can one replace silicones in cosmetics, adhere to evolving trends and regulations and still achieve that sought-after silky texture? The answer lies in JD Lusteris™.

For the discerning cosmetic manufacturers and formulators, JD Lusteris™ emerges as the beacon of innovation. This sustainable, biodegradable and naturally derived ingredient offers an impeccable alternative to nonvolatile low-viscosity silicones. Moreover, JD Lusteris™ is cost-effective, serving dually as an emollient, co-emulsifier and humectant.

Its multifaceted performance is unmatched. With its delicate balance of short and long Jojoba chains, JD Lusteris™ produces formulations with a light, silky texture, ensuring both efficacy and a superior sensorial experience.

Originating from Jojoba Oil, JD Lusteris™ positions itself as a premium, natural substitute to traditional silicones in both skin and hair care formulations.

Clinical studies further validate its supremacy:

  • A 17% enhancement in the skin's natural hydrolipid barrier
  • A notable 18% reduction in sebum production
  • Exceptional soothing properties
  • An impressive 89% positive sensorial response
  • Excellent hair conditioning effect
  • A reduction of up to 80% in hair breakage
  • Significant long-lasting scalp hydration

Beyond its formulation advantages, JD Lusteris™ is the preferred choice for personal care formulations, particularly for acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

In an era where clean beauty and green chemistry are not just trends but imperatives, JD Lusteris™ shines brightly. Produced through a solvent-free process, it's responsibly sourced, eco-conscious and perfectly poised to lead the future of sustainable cosmetics.

For more data and sample request: https://www.jojobadesert.com/jd-lusteris-new-landing-page/

Jojoba Desert (A.C.S.) Ltd. is the world’s leading Jojoba oil manufacturer and provider, based in the heart of the Israeli desert. Leveraging over 30 years of pioneering spirit, world-class technological advances, agronomic experience and manufacturing expertise, JD provides various Jojoba products to top cosmetics brands, manufacturers, laboratories and distributors worldwide.


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