PET heavy wall eco-friendly packaging from EPOPACK


Brands are struggling to keep the brand image while making an eco-friendly choice have a solution from EPOPACK. PET heavy wall packaging provides the possibility for cosmetic brands to be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time.

PET material is an ideal eco-friendly material for cosmetic products. It comes with a strong chemical resistance, high transparency and it is recyclable with international recycling code number 1. Recycled PET material from the market is called PCR PET (Post –consumer recycled PET), It can be used in EPOPACK’s product lines and makes a bottle again.

Heavy-wall style enforces the glass container look but with the lightweight feature, it is easier, safer, cheaper and has a lower carbon foot print during the transportation. The heavy-wall style will match the prestige products’ standard to provide customers a proper user experience when touching and feeling the packaging. 

Check out more details here: www.epopack.com or [email protected]


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