ICS Premieres Virtual Tradeshow featuring Mono-material Packaging!


International Cosmetic Suppliers, Ltd. (ICS) showcases innovation online with their new Virtual Tradeshow Series of 2021. In 2020, ICS launched a three-part Virtual Tradeshow Series following the postponement and cancellation of many beauty tradeshows.  

Their new 2021 virtual tradeshow features the trending and sustainable topic of mono-material beauty packaging. Mono-material packaging consists of a single material, this makes mono-material products easily recyclable as consumers do not need to disassemble the product before recycling. They can just simply pop the entire empty product into the recycling bin.

ICS has a growing selection of mono-material beauty packaging available, such as lipsticks, pansticks, pots, jars, pencils, compacts, palettes and tubes, made with 100% PP, PE or PET material, from top to bottom, inside and out.

View ICS’ mono-material virtual tradeshow below and for more information about any of the products featured, please visit ICS’ website or contact [email protected].


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