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Campaigns to raise awareness around packaging sustainability and recyclability are one of the main topics that Lumson has incorporated into its mission and, as part of this, refill systems are becoming an increasingly significant part of its portfolio.

Refills not only create perfect interaction with consumers who are forever looking for products with an element of customization, but also increase this perception.

What's more, consumers already use refill systems on a regular basis—just take the food industry, which introduced refillable products years ago—so the cosmetic industry was inevitably going to have to start looking in this direction too.


For Lumson, redesigning, rethinking new refill systems is becoming more and more of a priority, and attests to its unwavering commitment to sustainability, without overlooking technical, aesthetic and product protection functions.

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Re Place is the glass jars range by Lumson with a refillable system, studied to provide the perfect answer to the market’s demands.

Refills not only are an effective solution for their extremely positive impact on the environment but also, they encourage new more ethical and virtuous habits among more mindful consumers.

Lumson, who is long time focused on the circular economy's 3Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle—applying them to its whole portfolio, has adopted three key concepts for the refill sector:

Re-Think, Re-Gen, Re-Act

  • Re-Think, rethinking packaging with an ECO-design approach.
  • Re-Gen, to give the glass jar a new life and play a part in reducing the CO2 emissions.
  • Re-Act, the consumer plays an increasingly active role and customizes their product by simply replacing the inner cup.

Re Place is designed for prestige skin care and makeup products and consists of six Lumson glass jars in different designs, from the most elegant classic shapes in 50 ml (DeLuxe, Unique and Slim), to the captivating form in 50 ml and 15 ml (Japa), up to the one in 50 ml with thick and conical base (Infinity).

All the elements feature a thick jar bottom for a positive luxury approach, while the plastic inner cup in PP—which has been specifically designed to allow a protection to be applied on top—after use, can be easily removed from the jar and disposed of through the recycling chain.

The components, jar, inner cup and cover can be customized, giving the individual packaging elements their own distinctive, eye-catching identity, in colors and through decorations, as the more sophisticated inner lacquering studied to enhances and adds further value to the lines and thickness of the glass jars.

Discover all the Re Place jars’ line and ask for more info: [email protected]


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