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Integrity Ingredients Corporation (IIC) is a global specialty ingredient distributer to the Beauty and Wellness Industries. As a company, Integrity Ingredients has made a serious commitment to its customers to provide clean, sustainable, state-of-the-art ingredients that are on-trend and meet the ever-changing demands within the global marketplace.

The groundswell demand for healthy, clean beauty products has permanently created a lasting and overarching “Beauty with a Conscience” Movement. Unsafe and toxic ingredients are forcing demand for clean products with naturally derived ingredients that are user and environmentally safe, and ethically and sustainably sourced.

We have embraced the “Beauty with a Conscience” Movement and are leading the crusade for Clean Beauty, Sustainability, Mindful Living and Ethical Sourcing. We distribute non-irritating, non-toxic, safe ingredients and exclude from our portfolio “free-from” and ill-perceived ingredients. Our top priority is to offer materials that are clean, sustainable, ethically supplied, environmentally safe, pesticide-free, and naturally and organically derived. This includes ingredients that are traceable from farm-to-formula and feature a reduced carbon footprint.

Our Clean Beauty Innovation portfolio includes ingredients that are highly efficacious, and solution driven that are supported by strong clinical substantiation. Also featured in our portfolio is a vast collection of unique formula- tions and product prototypes that are exciting, beautiful, sensorially unforgettable and that deliver powerful results.

Lastly, as an overarching business initiative, we are driven to actively expand our quest to sustain various socio-economically suppressed cultures. We protect several natural environments from which we sustainably source our ingredients, as well as empower the local communities with income and educational opportunities without disturbing their native land and culture.

We are proud to offer innovative solutions to achieve clean, safe and optimum beauty. Join Us on Our Journey in the “Beauty with a Conscience” Movement.