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ACTIGYM™ Marine Ingredient is Now Also a Facial Trainer

Lipotec USA, Inc.
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ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient is now also a facial trainer.

The current trend of maintaining an active life for a toned body has also reached the face. Proof of it is the boom of facial exercises and trainers that fill the networks and that has among its biggest fans actresses and influencers. It has been proved that we can exercise the muscles of our face as we do with those of the body to get a toned and rejuvenated aspect.

Known as a secret personal trainer for its efficacy by mimicking the effects of endurance exercise, Lipotec™’s ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient now has also proven to be an excellent facial coach.

A new clinical study was performed on female volunteers with flaccidity on the chin, with some combining the treatment with facial exercises and others without. After only 28 days of treatment without exercise, a decrease of the double chin area up to 9.9% was observed, and up to 11.1% when combined with facial workout. In addition, a facial contour area reduction up to 17.2% at the end of the active treatment without exercise was noted.

Awarded Gold at the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award during in-cosmetics® Asia 2014, ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient helps improve body tone and obtain a slender neck and a more defined V-shaped face.


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