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How to design a simple, sensitive-skin friendly routine to address Maskne breakouts

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Can 2020 get even worse? Online searches say “yes”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries and states have passed laws mandating the use of face masks in most public places. As a result, countless people around the world quickly started experiencing blemishes, inflammation and clogged pores. As they rushed to social media and search engines to find solutions to their conditions, “maskne” soon became the rising star within the most searched beauty terms.

Google Trends – Number of searches for “Maskne” in 2020


Wearing a facemask has created the perfect storm for skin break outs. Acne typically occurs when skin cell turnover and desquamation doesn’t occur the way it should, and dead cells end up obstructing pores. This creates the right conditions for anaerobic Cutibacterium acnes bacteria to thrive and proliferate, ultimately leading to skin inflammation. The hot and humid environment behind a face mask creates an even more ideal climate for the bacteria. Finally, the constant rubbing of masks against the skin further contributes to weakening its natural barrier, making the skin more prone to irritation and inflammation.

Step-by-step regimen to reduce maskne breakouts

Easy steps can considerably reduce the risk of skin break outs: use the right mask, thoroughly cleanse your skin and make sure to repair and restore your skins hydrating barrier.

Maskne skin care regimens may need to be specifically tailored to our new COVID-19 daily routines. Ingredients should be curated with sensitive skin in mind in order to account for the toll that face masks are taking on our skin barrier. This routine developed by Vantage is made up of three simple steps that rely on highly efficacious ingredients:

1-Pores deep detox

The first step of our anti-maskne routine takes care of the nasty bacteria responsible for most of skin breakouts. Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) is a tried and true acne monographed approved technology. Acne is caused in part by the C.acnes bacteria, which cannot live in the oxygen-rich environment provided by the use of Benzoyl Peroxide.

This is why Curoxyl™ 42 (patented USP Benzoyl Peroxide Gel) has become the benchmark for BPO in most anti-acne formulas. Curoxyl 42 is a patented, aqueous based, micronized Benzoyl Peroxide dispersion in the form of a gel. It is an effective replacement for traditional forms of BPO and is clinically proven to reduce acne lesions and dark spots. Moreover, Curoxyl 42 comes as a liquid, risk-free solution for manufacturers who are not equipped to handle solid peroxide powders.

2-Gentle cleansing with a twist

Skin suffering from acne breakouts will likely be already sensitized and should be treated carefully. Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate has been favored by formulators in medicated applications targeted at sensitive skin or irritated scalp, because of its extreme mildness. Its great foaming performance in cleansers conveys a significant sense of efficacy during the cleansing step.

Vantage uses a proprietary, RSPO Mass Balance certified fatty acid to produce Metaupon KMT 30 MB, its market-leading grade of Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate. This composition of the fatty acids used contributes to the signature sensorial profile of Metaupon KMT 30 MB, which creates a substantive and delightful experience for consumers.

3-Erasing the damage of face masks

For the final step, we take a multi-functional approach where the aim is focused on restoring the epidermal barrier, reducing irritation, and bringing back a lasting hydration onto the skin.

To address the growing need for sensitive-skin friendly ingredients, Vantage™ has developed BioSignal Lipid 10 MB after studying how specific bio-mimetic phosphatidylglycerols can modulate the signaling pathways involved in skin inflammation and ultimately reduce the visible signs of irritation, while promoting long-term hydration.

During the clinical trials, BioSignal Lipid 10 MB not only performed extremely well restoring skin barrier by stimulating the production of key proteins such as Collagen, Aquaporin, Involucrin, Filagrrin, it also led to a measurable increase of skin hydration measured over the span of the four-week study. Even more interesting for users with sensitive skin: BioSignal Lipid 10 MB visibly reduced the irritation caused by “harsh” active ingredients such as lactic acid.

If this short regimen is still too complex for your taste, our formulators have created a Dual Action Clear Skin Toner that combines the cleansing properties of Curcylic 40 Salicylic Acid and the soothing and restoring benefits of DW Jojoba Oil and BioSignal Lipid 10 MB. This 2-phase toner is formulated without emulsifiers to respect sensitive skin.

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This two-phase toner is formulated without emulsifiers to respect sensitive skin.


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