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Lyophilized Powders Deliver Natural Cosmeceutical Ingredients

R&E Cosmetics Labs
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What’s the best way to ensure topical formulations are delivered into the skin? This is the age-old challenge. Cosmeceutical formulators are always conducting research and development so they can deliver the most innovative solutions to the public.

 At R &E Cosmetics Labs  we are committed to solving this dilemma by applying our own philosophy—searching for the safest, most effective way to prompt change at the cellular level.  With over 20 years of research dedicated to the field of green and natural cosmetics, we found that the answer lies in applying biotechnology to organic, plant-based ingredients. We have created a system where science and nature work synergistically to optimize skin wellness. This approach forms the foundation of our Green Philosophy. 

With a belief that nature is the most elegant force, our approach keeps nutrients as close to their natural form as possible while maximizing their potency. 

Sa Zeng, MS in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Pharmacology, CEO of R&E Cosmetics Lab, is the founder and leading scientist of the only government-funded, green cosmetics R&D engineering lab in China. So, eco-conscious formulation has long been her priority.

Sa stated, “Ever-evolving standards for the cosmetics industry have made the public more aware of common formulation practices. This has given rise to safety concerns and an increase in technology.”

For her most recent innovation, Sa chose to convert active ingredients into lyophilized powders. 

Well-recognized in the biopharmaceutical industry, Lyophilization is a process widely used to maintain the stability of phytonutrients and other ingredients. While this process is not new, Sa modernized the application process, pairing powders with a botanical solution that boosts their efficacy. This unique solution activates the powders on demand, providing the ideal method to maintain each ingredient’s cosmeceutical properties. R&E Labs then adds a unique plant-based, transdermal peptide that improves the absorption of performance ingredients by up to 20%. This is achieved without the use of ablative procedures like lasers and chemical peels.

In the past, attempting to formulate highly efficacious, natural products always presented limitations due to the incompatibility of specific ingredients and their desired result. Now, at R&E Cosmetics Lab, we can customize formulas that truly meet the diverse needs of our clients, combining ingredients based on their mechanism of action without concern of incompatibility or oxidation. 

The freeze-drying process involved in lyophilization extracts all moisture from the ingredients which, when stored properly, doubles the product’s shelf life as well. 

 R&E Cosmetics Lab's lyophilized powders are free from:

  • Heat sources
  • Endotoxins 
  • Fragrance
  • Artificial colors
  • Emulsifiers
  • Oxidative degeneration

We have also developed various novel product forms that keep the powders fresh until mixed with our botanical plant-based activators. This ensures ingredients remain stable until being re-hydrated immediately before application.

Formulating cosmeceuticals with lyophilized powder preserves the ingredient’s mechanism of action, extends the product’s shelf life, and can be immediately activated in a professional spa environment or as part of a daily homecare regimen. 

Would you like to find out how lyophilized powder can be incorporated into your brand? For further information please contact us at contact@beautyrnd.com.



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