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Menopausal Women: Redefining Their Beauty!

Sederma France
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There are almost one billion women above the age of 50 around the world experiencing specific personal care needs due to oestrogenic decline. In the context of global and better aging, the cosmetic industry should consider the growing importance of the menopausal consumer segment.

The fact: 930,000,000 women above 50 years old around the world with specific personal care needs related to oestrogenic decline.

The purpose: Identify insights on consumer expectations, barriers to purchase and motivation, in order to offer the most comprehensive solutions. Indeed, in a context where traditional ‘anti-agers’ are questioned, where realistic approaches, well-being and positivity are key words, the cosmetic industry needs to define a brand new offer for these women for them to redefine their beauty.

The method: A global consumer study on the usage and attitudes of menopausal women conducted in four different regions: Latin America, North America, Western Europe and Asia.

The result: Thanks to this study and a deep analysis, we managed to identify the key beauty concerns related to menopause and the changes they imply.

You’ll also find all the ingredient suggestions from Croda, Crodarom and Sederma to help answer the specific needs of women experiencing skin damage related to oestrogenic decline. And especially Feminage™ from Sederma.

FEMINAGE™ is a 100% natural origin eco-designed plant extract benefiting from an ethical sourcing that exerts multiple effects to help deal with oestrogen deficiency induced skin sagging.

Indeed, the study revealed that pre-menopausal and menopausal women experience permanent contour changes, a consequence of sagging but also sunken face. The face appears less friendly; it is the ‘look terrible’ effect. They say they see another person in the mirror.

As a dedicated solution, FEMINAGE™, tested at 3% on Caucasian menopausal women in France and Chinese menopausal women in China for two months, offers skin elasticity and firmness benefits, helping reduce jowl sagging, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet wrinkles and marionette lines.

Feminage™ is IECIC listed and COSMOS approved. It also underwent a verification diagnostic by UEBT, a non-profit association that sets good practices for how companies and their suppliers source ingredients from biodiversity 

To learn more, ask for Feminage™ literature and sample by clicking here


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