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Midnight is the New Black with Reflecks™ MD Midnight

Sun Chemical
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Color is making a bold return filled with infinite possibilities. From virtual to reality, our makeup expressions will re-emerge to celebrate all that is color as we enter a new era with a deep appreciation for human connection and the return of social engagements.

Color cosmetics serves as vehicle for celebration and unique self-expression. There’s a newfound freedom to wear and showcase cosmetics again, and color in all its fantastical shades and textured effects will be re-born. With unbridled creativity, this is the time to reinvent the rules and create next level smoky eyes with artistry or transform your lips and nails into works of art with untamed color.  

Sun Chemical expands its renowned Reflecks™ MultiDimensions line, to introduce two new innovations: Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry G48CD and Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire G68CD. The Reflecks™ Midnight collection is composed of calcium sodium borosilicate, titanium dioxide, silica, and D&C Black 2. These dramatic, blackened metallic-like effect pigments utilize innovative multilayer technology that delivers intense chroma, stunning sparkle and striking color travel effects based on viewing angle. A new patent pending technology with built-in D&C Black 2 in a borosilicate-based color travel effect pigment allows for faster formulation of products, eliminating the potential need for additional absorption colorants. This feature also allows for minimal staining on the skin when compared to formulas blended with other absorption pigments. 


Rich with reflectivity and color, these effect pigment innovations deliver unique color travel as Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry G48CD shifts from red to green and Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire G68CD shifts from blue to red. With a particle size ranging from 35 - 148 µm, the Midnight collection offers high chroma and captivating sparkle along with color travel. The built-in D&C Black 2 offers a clean black background to enhance the dynamic colors and provide richer, darker shades. 

With Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry and Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire, transform your formulations with a bold punch of metallic color travel with sparkling intensity.  Perfect for color cosmetic applications in eye, lip, and nail, the Midnight collection can also be blended with different absorption colorants and particle size effect pigments to create an endless range of re-imagined shades and special effects.

Travel to a new time and a new dimension with Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry and Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire.  Exuberant, daring color adventures await us with renewed intensity where color moves and captivates us in unconventional ways. 

Visit the Sun Chemical cosmetics page to learn more about Reflecks™ MD Midnight Cherry, Reflecks™ MD Midnight Sapphire, and the entire Reflecks™ MultiDimensions family. For DIC/Sun Chemical’s full portfolio of colored and effect pigments, visit us at www.sunchemical.com/pigments-solutions/


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