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Munapsys™ awarded with the First Prize at the BSB Innovation Award®

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LipoTrue has received the 2019 BSB Innovation First Prize for Munapsys™ for the Most Innovative Raw Material in the cosmetic Active’s category at in -cosmetics Global 2019 by the independent BSB – Beratungs- and Servicebuero Dr. Riedel e.K. (Dr. Riedel Consulting Services Agency). Munapsys™, short-listed for the Innovation Awards at in-cosmetics Global.


For the first time in years, Munapsys™ presents a real upgrade in the botulinum-like ingredients field. Munapsys™ is the first ingredient to act both in the pre- and post-synaptic pathways and in a new protein (munc-18) key for the assembly of the SNARE complex. Its efficacy has been proved in vitro and in vivo (against a combination of benchmarks) and has certified this peptide as one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in the Personal care market. It has also introduced a new claim; happier smiles by lifting sad lip’s commissures. Munapsys™ was presented in a Technical Seminar. To discover more, find here the efficacy and mechanism of action video: 


Additionally, LipoTrue introduced at in-cosmetics Global the motto “My beauty, my rules” with Skinarch™ peptide which enables cosmetics to fully explore the disruptive trend celebrating the difference for an inclusive beauty. Skinarch™ increases the expression of a new protein in the Personal Care market, which may be considered the architect of skin biotensegrity tackling key ECM proteins. Its efficacy was proved in a mixed panel of volunteers with fair and dark skin. Skinarch™ will be presented in a seminar the 8th of May at 12:40 PM.

Join us at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day to learn more and enjoy this skin care beauty meal.  



Shining through the sky, LipoTrue presented Stellight™, a brightening peptide. Stellight™ draws your own constellation lightening and illuminating six carefully selected points on the face for a strobing effect. Stellight™ acts on melanocytes, keratinocytes and fibroblast, regulating the three-way modulating melanin, the numbers of dendrites and melanocytes, while providing an antioxidant effect. Catch your glowing beauty and join the brightening revolution.


Finally, as a dessert, LipoTrue offer you Meiview™. Fall in love with this prettifying eye contour area that efficiently tackles eyebags, dark circles, wrinkles and saggy eyelids in both men and women. Meiview™ reinforces epidermal integrity and firmness and improves the microcirculation fragility.


For more information, visit us at booth 1031 at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day.  


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