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Personal Care Performance Blends

Pilot Chemical Co
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CalBlend® performance blends are integrated surfactant systems from which formulators can create a fully compatible range of products by simple cold dilution. CalBlend® performance blends provide cost effective and high performing solutions for the following range of products:

  • PearlescentShampoo, Bodywash, Bath and Shower Gel, Premium Bubble Bath, Hand Soap and Pet Care
  • ClearShampoo, Bodywash, Bath and Shower Gel, Pet Care, Economy and Premium Bubble Bath and Hand Soap
  • ECO-Friendly Shampoo, Bodywash, Bath and Shower Gel, Economy and Premium Bubble Bath, Pet Care and Hand Soap

CalBlend® products are economical, efficient, environmentally friendly and versatile. CalBlend® performance blends typically utilize two major components, which can produce a wide range of products simply through using cold dilution. CalBlend® systems eliminate the need for individual surfactants and their multi-step processes, especially when producing pearlescent products.

CalBlend® performance blends save on batch time, labor cost, storage space and manufacturing errors.

  • Economical—CalBlend® performance blend eliminates purchasing and inventory of multiple individual raw materials.
  • Efficient—Most products can now be produced in one-step, cold dilution processes.
  • Environmentally Friendly—CalBlend® performance blends are readily biodegradable, derived using natural vegetable raw materials, and energy consumption is minimized.
  • Versatile—One CalBlend® product is the foundation of an entire product category.

The CalBlend® product offering is always growing to form the basis of more specialized formulated products, incorporating, for instance, milder or more detersive ingredients for baby and childcare applications and higher actives ingredients to provide greater formulating flexibility. Additionally, the CalBlend® system is the basis for a number of proprietary products, like Calblend® PE, custom tailored for specific customers and/or applications.

Calblend®PE is a high performance, eco-friendly product that offers excellent viscosity building and great foaming characteristics for personal care applications.

Pilot’s Calblend® PE is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly performance blend that is mild to the skin and hair. With the rich, foamy lather of a soft, gentle cleanse, clean skin never felt so good.

Calblend® PE is a new blend of naturally derived surfactants containing a mild and environmentally friendly preservative system.


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