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Retinol & retinoic acid plant-based alternative following the A-beauty

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Australian beauty (A-Beauty) is an emerging trend focused in the use of endemic Australian plants. In this trend they also look for high efficacy and multifunctional products in order to have more benefits and less worries for the final consumer. Reneseed™ is a protein (growth factor TGFβ2) obtained from an endemic plant in Australia (Nicotiana benthamiana) with a high and multifunctional efficacy. 

N. benthamiana is a historical plant-based model system for the transient expression of high purity proteins in a non-GM system. As opposed to recombinant production by Gram (-) bacteria which may contain endotoxins, synthesis of proteins in plants allows to obtain safe plant-based biotechnological ingredients with proper modifications and high activity. 

A well-balanced TGFβ2 signaling is essential to sustain the skin in a healthy and functional condition and overall to support maintenance of a young appearance. However, the aging process on the skin induced by internal and external factors (photoaging, hormonal aging, smoke, diet, stress) affects TGFβ2 levels and therefore, its activity.

Reneseed™ contains plant-Transforming Growth Factor beta 2 (plant-TGFβ2). Both Reneseed™ and retinoids participate in the activation of the SMAD pathway to stimulate Collagen I synthesis. This active ingredient showed an outstanding efficacy in terms of collagen I production compared to retinoids, which presents itself as a non-phototoxic plant-based retinoids alternative for day and night treatments. Furthermore, Reneseed™ helps skin to recover its youthful appearance thanks to its broad-spectrum anti-ageing and pore minimizer efficacy. 

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