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Using Sustainable Citrus Unshiu for Maskne & Other Serums

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The beauty and personal care industry is undergoing a boom in innovation, propelling brands to seek out new product opportunities that fit with today's consumer needs. That's why ingredients like Citrus Unshiu are being incorporated into skin and hair care formulations to combat the stressors of indoor pollutants.

Citrus Unshiu is abundant in synephrine and hesperidin; two molecules that can help to alleviate atopic-prone skin, shield from mask-induced acne and even strengthen the skin's barrier to protect against future damage.

Unshiu does more than enhance a product's formulation, it also helps a brand reach higher levels of a sustainable supply chain. The fruit is grown over several regions, most notably in South Africa, South America and Asian regions like South Korea’s Jeju Island. Typically, the peels and other waste components are discarded after processing. Extract can be taken from these discarded products, providing an abundant source of supply for this incredible ingredient.

Eosidin® (manufactured by Clariant) is a compound containing the extract of green citrus unshiu and has shown practical applications for many kinds of prestige skin care products like serums and liquid-based masques. In a clinical study, Clariant reported that in 88% of participants, they observed a decrease in itchiness, and 100% experienced a decrease in dryness.

With pollution on the rise and more skin sensitivity due to a variety of allergens, this type of skin care can make a big difference. At Accupac, we seek out these types of innovative ingredients. Through our formulation division, Cobalt Labs, we are helping to move the beauty and personal care industry forward.

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