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Why Replacing Silicones Might be Easier than you Think

Vantage Specialty Ingredients
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It’s What Consumers Want

Clean Beauty is arguably among the trendiest beauty buzzword now, and brands are rushing to launch new beauty ranges that are addressing consumers’ concerns over an ever-growing list of ingredients deemed either questionably safe, harmful for the environment, or simply unnecessary. Among the ingredients losing the favors of beauty enthusiasts are silicones. This comes in the wake of multiple inquiries that have already led to several regulatory changes across the globe. The European Parliament for instance recently added Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) and decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) silicones to the list of restricted substance and tougher regulations are already being considered on an even broader range of silicones. In this context, the number of silicone-free skin care launches has nearly doubled over the past four years, fueled by consumers’ demand for cleaner, more natural formulations.



Natural Alternatives are Readily Available

Vantage has designed a new grade of coco-caprylate/caprate esters and has worked to identify the right grades of caprylic and capric acids to achieve the lightest possible skin feel and fast absorption. Sensorial evaluation performed on 18 panelists confirmed that Liponate™ CCC MB demonstrates the same lightness as low-viscosity dimethicone, as well as very similar absorption and playtime.

The development of Liponate™ CCC MB is reflective of Vantage’s commitment to establishing a sustainable supply-chain for its naturally-derived ingredients. Liponate™ CCC MB is based on sustainably sourced palm oil, compliant with RSPO’s Mass Balance criteria. Liponate™ CCC MB is also produced using mild treatments that follow COSMOS recommendation for green chemistry. As a result, Liponate™ CCC MB is certified COSMOS NATURAL.


Your Skin Will Thank You

Low viscosity silicone oils owe their lightness to their high volatility. After being applied on skin, these silicone compounds will evaporate quickly and leave the skin unprotected. Contrary to silicones, Liponate™ CCC MB esters create an invisible and ultra-thin film on skin, which contributes to strengthening skin’s natural moisturizing barrier.

A 6-hour study performed on 18 panelists revealed that Liponate™ CCC MB contributed to a durable increase of skin hydration, when silicone-based treatment didn’t show any statistically significant moisturization increase.


Taking advantage of Liponate™ CCC MB’s moisturizing benefits and high pigment compatibility, Vantage has introduced several innovative concepts for clean beauty lovers. Discover Aqua Protection Serum, a light serum for blue light/HEV protection and Radiant Cushion Highlighter, a deeply moisturizing and covering highlighter with a cushiony and dreamy texture.



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