Is Your Brand Being Targeted By Online Counterfeiters? [Free Brand Scan]

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While online marketplaces have opened new doors for traditional and start-up brands, it has also provided counterfeiters and infringers lucrative access to a global customer base with online counterfeit goods now estimated at a staggering $590 billion globally.

The cosmetics industry in particular is increasingly impacted by counterfeit products, causing significant financial damages to brand owners and dangerous health concerns for consumers.

SIPI, an Authentix online brand protection company, offers best-in-class services for over 200 brand customers through its proprietary online tools and customized services including physical enforcement, investigations, sample purchases and taking down pirated listings. For over 10 years, SIPI has successfully reduced the visibility of infringements and counterfeits on online marketplaces, social media platforms and websites by up to 90%.

For a limited time, SIPI is offering a free, personalized and confidential Brand Risk Analysis that includes:

  • Counterfeit Risk Areas Identified
  • Copyright Infringement Potential
  • Trademark Infringement Assessment
  • Look-a-like Product Detection

SIPI experts will conduct online surveillance of your selected brand and share confidential findings, results, and recommendations in an easy-to-understand custom report, delivered in 5-7 business days. 

Click here to request your Free Brand Scan report.  


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