Optimizing a Conversion-centric Beauty E-commerce Experience

Regrettably, most e-commerce sites today are designed for basic commodity sales.
Regrettably, most e-commerce sites today are designed for basic commodity sales.

What does it take to optimize conversion with online shoppers? Especially those looking to purchase from your brand for the first time? Brands and industry events are always discussing the latest trends, technology and optimization for influencer campaigns, organic social and digital marketing. Of course, with the skyrocketing costs of digital advertising, it is only natural for brands to question, “How can our efforts be improved?”

These are noteworthy concerns. However, too much pressure is placed on the optimization of these platforms without an overall view of the entire customer journey to purchase. There is an overlooked opportunity to enhance conversion rates through e-commerce optimization.

Assessing e-commerce effectiveness

At MSLK, we have identified 235 different touchpoints that are influential in a consumer’s decision to make a first-time purchase. Using this information, we developed a specialized tool called the Consumer Conversion Report, which enables us to comprehensively evaluate a brand’s overall storytelling and ability to entice a first-time buyer to make a purchase. Additionally, we track visits to each page on the brand’s site to determine its impact on conversion.

The 235 touchpoints we’ve identified have been categorized within the TIE Incentive pillars of trust, intrigue and education discussed in the June 2023 issue of Global Cosmetic Industry (see the “About this Series” sidebar).

For the full article, check out Global Cosmetic Industry's October 2023 digital magazine.

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