naturally durable hair styling in any weather – Ashland styleze™ es-dura

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Introducing the latest innovation in sustainable hair styling: Ashland styleze es-dura ingredient, a new plant-based ecostyler innovation. This sustainable solution for high-performance hair styling and curl defining applications keeps hair styles looking great, whatever the weather.

This novel technology draws on Ashland’s expertise in guar-based polysaccharides to deliver styles that last, even if you get caught in a rain shower or on a hot and humid day. It brings a luxurious experience during styling with unrivaled freedom to create, with natural movement and feel during wear, and control of static flyaways in dry conditions and frizz when the humidity level rises.

It was developed to give a uniquely strong sustainability profile offering naturally derived, biodegradable, vegan and clean INCI claims in hair care and styling formulations. 

Styleze es-dura is highly versatile, giving you the freedom to create both modern and traditional styling products which deliver naturally flawless styles and curl definition, while respecting the environment.

Visit ashland.com/styleze_es-dura for more information or to be among the first to receive a sample of styleze es-dura for your sustainable hair care developments.  

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method: salon testing by professional hair stylist; 6 g of product applied on wet hair, styled then air dried; on virgin medium wavy hair on mannequin head half head


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